Alan Thomas Gelston the Teacher, Artist & Sculptor

Launceston Junior Technical School
This image shows Alan Thomas Gelston holding a model aeroplane for the Junior Technical Aero Club
Duce 1945 | Alan Thomas Gelston 1929-1964 (pictured third from left)

Alan Gelston grew up at Westbury, Tasmania, and attended the Launceston Junior Technical School for three years. In 1945 he was duce of the school gaining eight credits and one pass.

He became particularly known for carving the Coat of Arms (below) which is located above the main entrance of the Tasmanian Parliament House. It was carved around 1960.

Tasmanian Parliament House Coat of Arms carved by Alan Thomas Gelston

33 year old Alan Gelston of Hobart with his Madonna and Child, carved in Tasmanian wood. As a liturgical artist, Gelston has carried out commissions in Tasmania and the Mainland.

Written by Ivan Badcock

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