John Alexander Jackson

An E. S. & A. Bank Notable

John Alexander Jackson (1809-1885) who had strong connections with Tasmania, joined the English, Scottish and Australian Chartered Bank Limited at its foundation in 1851, with branches being opened in Australia soon after. He had been recruited by Bank directors in London to the position of Senior Audit Manager, with stationing to be at Melbourne. His starting salary was the princely sum of £1,200 pa. He would remain in the position till 1871.

The Bank would change its name in 1893 to the English, Scottish and Australian Bank Limited before losing its name when the ANZ Banking Group was formed on 1st October 1970.

John brought to the Audit Management position a vast amount of skill and experience as well as numerous high level people contacts, both in Australia and England.

John had been born in England but had arrived at Sydney with his parents and siblings in 1824. By 1825 John had gained a position as a draftsman at the Surveyor-General Department, Sydney.

He arrived in Van Diemen’s Land in 1831 where he received two large farm grants.

By 1833 he had become editor of the Launceston Advertiser newspaper.

In 1834 he married Marianne Walker at her parent’s Vron mansion, Bishopsbourne and in the same year joined with others in forming the Cornwall Insurance Company based in Launceston.

John’s public life and abilities soon came to the attention of authorities, with the South Australian Governor, George Gawler, sending him an invitation to join the public service there. John with family reached Adelaide in September 1839 and by 1 October had been appointed Colonial Treasurer and Accountant General.

The family left Adelaide mid 1843 and after visiting Sydney and Launceston, travelled to London.

In 1846 he was appointed a lobbyist in London by a group of Van Diemen’s Land colonists, to represent them on items of interest. He held the position for four years and in later years also represented South Australian interests.

John was also active in other arenas for in 1847 he was admitted to the Middle Temple and three years later was called to the Bar as a barrister.

Over the years he gained a wealth of experience and was respected by his peers, making him highly suited to the position of Senior Audit Manager.

Both John and Marianne in retirement returned to England, living in London till their deaths.

By Ivan Badcock – August 2020

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