Cornish Female Convicts Transported to Van Diemen’s Land

Around 24,000 women convicts were transported to Australia, with some 12,500 sent to Van Diemen’s Land of which 78 have been identified as coming from Cornwall, England.

General details for Cornish convicts are attached.

Transportation ceased to Van Diemen’s Land in 1853.

A brief profile on each Cornish V.D.L. convict, including their lives after arrival, has been completed but not included here.


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Cornish Female Convicts transported to Van Diemen’s Land (Tasmania) between 1818-1852

Jane Pascoe, Eleanor Phillips, Dorothy Hammond, Julia Carne, Thomasine Matthews, Ann Avent, Elizabeth Whitton, Grace Gregory, Mary Mayne, Rebecca Smith, Elizabeth Harvey, Charlotte Noy, Jane Tinner, Grace Plommer, Elizabeth Rodda, Elizabeth Cummins, Mary Ann Watson, Meliscent Edyvean, Elizabeth Perry, Rebecca Johns, Elizabeth Downing, Catherine Bottom, Susan Adams, Margaret Armstrong, Harriet Beatie, Elizabeth Jones, Ann North, Mary Ann Barnard, Mary Heritage, Elizabeth Hitchens, Mary Ann Lobb, Elizabeth Wadling, Mary Burt, Milicent Burt, Ann Day, Eliza Churchill, Harriet Veale, Grace Stevens, Catherine Warren, Sarah Baker, Elizabeth Cardew, Mary Hodge, Betsy Percy, Hannah Jory, Elizabeth Dewar, Elizabeth Collings, Martha Gregory, Ann Stevenson, Catherine Thomas, Mary Ann Williams, Jane Lock, Jane James, Selina Collins, Elizabeth Knowles, Susan Nott, Mary Hooper, Joanna May, Mary White, Catherine Plummer, Margaret Snell, Elizabeth Viant, Mary Ann Leahy, Elizabeth Mayne, Honor Tremelling, Ann Williams, Elizabeth Phillimore, Alice Lugg, Rosetta Jane (Nancarrow), Emily Sampson, Elizabeth Richardson, Ann Hill, Ellen Lillis, Elizab Ward, Elizabeth Bosanko, Catherine Ryan, Mary Blake, Mary Ann Harris, Ann Broad Gollop.

Written by Ivan Badcock – June 2015

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