Sketch of the Perth Wesleyan Methodist Church

Perth (Tasmania) Methodist Church (later Uniting Church)

A history by Harry Bean printed and distributed for the 150-year celebration of the Methodist Church in 1988.

Sketch of the Perth Wesleyan Methodist Church – 1838
Perth Church – Re-roofed with Iron and Porch Added – 1897

Correction: Sir Walter Lee became Premier of Tasmania for the first time in 1916. He later became Premier of Tasmania again in 1923 and 1934.

Perth Church Closing Service, 8 October 2002

Pictured (L-R) – Ray Hanham, Harry Bean, Graham Glanville (at rear), Jennifer Byard, Bev Lyon (at rear), Martha Tymms, Rowan Prouse, Elizabeth Glanville (hidden behind Rowan) Daphne Howard (at rear), Ray Burr, Rev.  Colleen Grieve, Margaret Burr (at rear), Harold Howard (at rear), Michelle Glanville (at rear), Thelma Byard (beside Rev. Grieve), Joyce Shaw, George Shaw, Marie Cook, Lorna Berryman, Merle Johns and Lil Kidd.

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