Ivan Badcock: Primary Schooling Bishopsbourne & Bracknell – 1948-1955

I commenced school at Bishopsbourne after the September school holidays in 1948 and remained there until the end of the school year in 1954, going onto Bracknell for the 1955 year. The headmaster and only teacher when starting school was Mr. Harry McGuire who was quite young and newly married and had till wars end […]

Presbyterian Church, Evandale, Tasmania (now Uniting Church) & Reverend Robert Russell (1808-1877)

Attached is a history of St. Andrew’s Presbyterian Church and Reverend Russell, written and published in February 1964 by historian Mr. Karl von Steiglitz to celebrate the 125th Anniversary of the Church. Some recent photos have been added. Candelabrum By Ivan Badcock – 18 May 2022

John Alexander Herbert & Hannah Bolton (alias Ann Moor)

John Herbert was the fifth person listed for Australia First Fleet – Scarborough. Hannah Bolton was on the Second Fleet – Lady Juliana. Children (all born on Norfolk Island) Charlotte b. 1792 d. after 1805 Elizabeth b. 1794 d. 1794 Norfolk Island James b. 1795 d. 1858 Longford Jemima b. 1797 d. Probably Tasmania Elizabeth […]