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Liffey Wesleyan Methodist church in Bishopsbourne later moved to Elphinstone, Cressy

Liffey Wesleyan Methodist Church in Bishopsbourne (1872-1909) moved to Elphinstone, Cressy, Methodist Church 1909-1947 At the Wesleyan District meeting in Launceston on Friday 10 November 1871, approval was given to build “a small wooden church at the Liffey”. A congregation had been meeting there prior to 1848, it being noted as a preaching place in […]

Ivan Badcock: Primary Schooling Bishopsbourne & Bracknell – 1948-1955

I commenced school at Bishopsbourne after the September school holidays in 1948 and remained there until the end of the school year in 1954, going onto Bracknell for the 1955 year. The headmaster and only teacher when starting school was Mr. Harry McGuire who was quite young and newly married and had till wars end […]