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Ivan Badcock: Primary Schooling Bishopsbourne & Bracknell – 1948-1955

I commenced school at Bishopsbourne after the September school holidays in 1948 and remained there until the end of the school year in 1954, going onto Bracknell for the 1955 year. The headmaster and only teacher when starting school was Mr. Harry McGuire who was quite young and newly married and had till wars end […]


Dad (Eric Badcock) made an application to have the phone connected in late 1945 or early 1946 as a reference is made to this in a letter dated 8th. January 1946 from the then Bishopsbourne Postmistress, Mrs. Mollie Chilcott. Bishopsbourne Jan. 8th. 1946 Dear Eric,           I’m enclosing your telephone application […]


Dad (Eric Badcock) was always interested in aircraft and flying and often related stories about them and various happenings over the years. A particular highlight for him was his first flight which occurred at the opening of the Western Junction airport near Launceston, Tasmania on the 28 February, 1931, Dad’s 20th birthday, the plane being […]