Joan Margery Littler

The only girl ever to attend the Launceston Junior Technical School The 1946 Launceston Junior Technical School Technicalities magazine recorded for the Old Boys Association – “We welcome back to the Association Mrs Gardner(sic) who was the only girl to attend the Launceston Junior Technical School. Mrs Gardner (sic) was then Miss J. Littler and […]

Thomas Collicott (1768 – 1834) and Family

When looking through the original land grants at Bishopsbourne, Tasmania the name of Thomas Collicott appeared, and not knowing anything about him, decided to make an investigation of him and his family. The following pages reveal some information discovered on his association with Bishopsbourne, his life’s activities and that of his immediate family. Physical Features […]

Farming Machinery

STEAM ENGINES Steam engines were never numerous in the Bishopsbourne, Tasmania or Green Rises districts but did play an important part in farming for at least 70 years until being replaced by the tractor in the 1940’s. The earliest engines were stationary units and were moved from place to place by teams of bullocks, however, […]